Our First Review!

Our first review comes courtsey of RPGamer. It's a glowing one:

Distress sports multiple endings and most of them are pretty tragic. Hilariously, on my first playthrough I managed to get a very positive, almost happy ending, while on a different run, I had my most important comrade get brutally ripped to pieces. There’s a lot of emotion in this game that is well placed, and it helps that a playthrough takes just shy of an hour to complete. The pacing is great, the art style has a nice quirk to it that I personally enjoyed, and the music is fairly solid given the limited number of tracks.

There are not a lot of visual novels out there that are worth the price of a cup of coffee. Distress is totally worth the asking price of five dollars, and I enjoyed my many playthroughs. I was a weepy baby on one particular run because of how piss-poor my decisions were.  I definitely encourage those who love visual novels to give this one a look, especially if you love fleshed out characters whom you can easily grow attached to. Distress will make you laugh, and it will also make you uncomfortable. Tread carefully, and remember, the the pink creatures don’t shoot acid: it’s the green ones!

Yay! You can read the full thing writeup here.

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