Step into the boots of Demetria Barton, one of the galaxy's greatest bounty hunters, and lead your team to a small research facility that's gone quiet.

This is a short playable prologue to sci-fi horror visual novel Distress that is intended to showcase an early draft of gameplay and what the personalities of its characters. This is a short 10 minute demo that contains no spoilers for Distress itself. The main game will feature more character portraits, animations, movies, and an updated user interface.

Note: It's best that you play this in either Chrome or Safari. Firefox has issues running the game.

If you like the prologue and wish to support the development of Distress, you can visit the Kickstarter page here. Pledging $9 or more will guarantee you a copy of the game as well as any of the stretch goal DLCs that are funded.

This prototype was being created with Tyranobuilder. The full game will be developed with Ren'Py.

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Light Machine

Light Machine is:

Javy Gwaltney has written several interactive fiction games including The Terror Aboard The Speedwell, which received praise from Polygon and The New York Times. He also helped create You Were Made For Loneliness and The Right Side of Town. When he isn't playing games with the cat napping in his lap, he's writing about them for Playboy, Paste, Vice, Unwinnable, and other publications.

Ian Laser Higginbotham is an illustrator, animator, and comic maker. His past works include illustrations for companies like Vimeo, animations for companies like College Humor and comics for himself! In 2011 he won a gold medal from the Society of Illustrators. He loves dogs and video games. You can find his work here.

Erandi Huipe is a musician who has composed for various game projects such as Cavern, Arial Society and The Right Side of Town. He is fond of synths, drum breaks, and air conditioning.

Published Sep 05, 2015
AuthorJavy Gwaltney
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Tagschoices, Horror, Sci-fi